Monday, March 30, 2009

Videos in Higher Education Advising Services

As a new intern in Student Advising Services (SAS), I am learning how the department uses technology to interact with the student popuation. Popular mediums such as Facebook and Twitter are used. The video “How to Write an Impressive and Stellar College Admissions Essay" could easily be linked as a tweet on Twitter or as a status update on Facebook. This would allow students who follow SAS to have this resource. Also, since academic advisors review a lot of admission essays (particularly for graduate schools), these advisors could send the link of this video to students before they meet with them. By doing so, this allows for advisors and the students they are meeting with to have a common understanding about what an admissions essay entails and what it does not, thereby maximizing opportunity and effectively managing time.

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  1. Shannon,
    It was educational for me to see how Facebook could be used for looking a companies. Thanks for sharing the video.
    Dr. Burgos